Write Publish Chill

Self-paced micro course that teaches you everything you need to know to fire your clients and build passive income by writing daily.

Make money writing 2 hours a day.

Fire your clients, sell your own stuff.

Enjoy more life by doing less work.

Sick of client work?

Imagine this:You do what the quick-hack gurus online tell you to do and build an agency."It's the fastest and easiest way to grow a six-figure business!" is what you're told.Until you're 6 months in and realize:• You're working 60 hours a week serving clients• You spend more time answering emails than being creative• You now have to worry about leads, funnels, churn, employees, accounting, marketing & retention.• If a client calls at anytime, you have to take it (because now you work FOR THEM)• You're constantly worrying about getting new clients (incase you lose one)• You're not sure the money is worth the miseryIf this sounds like I just read your mind, it's because I lived it.I've spent the last 10 years creating agencies on the side and have felt every emotion stated above (unfortunately)...Which is why I created Write Publish Chill!The step by step micro-course that teaches you how to fire your clients, buy your time back and make money selling your own stuff (during naps).If that sounds life-changing to you...

What You'll master!

• The Dead-Simple ARM Framework used by multi-millionaire Soloprenuers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium to drive passive income on DEMAND. (Lesson One)60-year-old timeless copywriting hooks that generated $100M+ in sales for legendary copywriters like Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert and David Olgilvy (Lesson Six)• The ONLY TWO digital metrics you need to measure to go viral online without guessing (Lesson Eight)• The 6 Storytelling Frameworks for write endlessly engaging content used by legendary copywriter's such as Matt Furey, Ben Settle and Gary Bencivenga. (Lesson Eleven)• The 3 email list building tactics I used to grow my personal email list by 800+ people in less than 6 months without ads or crappy giveaways! (Lesson Thirteen)• The $47 per month software stack I use to run a multi 5-figure a month passive income business (Lesson Twenty One)• The 2-Hour Writing Framework that generates me six emails, 30 tweets and a 15,000 word eBook every single week! (Lesson Nine)And that's just touching the surface...

Who is this for?

• Highly motivated entrepreneurs who are tired of selling their time and instead prefer passive income!• Creators who particularly love writing. (Since so much of this process is built on writing!)• Leaders with a long-term vision (not looking for a quick buck but a life-time change)• People who prefer a more relaxed lifestyle (as opposed to high adrenaline agency life)• Creators who love stupid simple systems over complex dashboards, methods and strategies.• People who want to master fundamentals (instead of always having to learn something new)

What's included?

• 21 micro-course brand building videos (only published HERE) ($497 value)• 51 viral tweet / writing templates ($47 value)• The X Content Calendar Notion Template ($27 value)• 38-Page Niche Navigator eBook + Workshop ($27 value)• 20-Page Magnetic Marketing eBook ($27 value)• (4) email welcome sequence templates ($97 value)• (25) Viral Subject Line templates ($37 value)• Custom eBook Canva Design template ($37 value)Total Value = $796Actual Cost = $97


“Working with Alin as my coach has been truly transformative. His guidance and support have not only helped me reach my goals, but also given me skills and the right mindset to tackle pretty much any challenge. He’s an inspiring and motivating coach, who invests his many gifts in your success. If you want a coach you can trust to guide you to your full potential, it’s Alin!”Robert Mallon, CEO of Elite Coaching Solutions“Alin is an incredibly valuable ally for any creative person. I can’t imagine a better coach when it comes to anything related to writing. My newsletter, my blog, my website, and my forth-coming book are all the fruit of his wisdom and methods.”- Lee Baker, Owner of MyFi“Alin is remarkable. He genuinely cares about your success and knows how to guide you effectively. He’s the person to rely on for honest conversations and solutions to tough problems. Alin’s straightforward and no-nonsense style is matched by his warmth and wisdom. If you want a friend who will support you and a mentor who will challenge you, Alin is the coach you need.”Joshua Koterba, Director of Marketing at ShiftHQ“Alin is fantastic to work with! I always leave our time together feeling empowered to move the ball forward in bigger and better ways!”Phil Bonelli, VP of Regions Bank“Alin’s superpower is the ability to transfer complex ideas & lofty goals into simple, actionable steps. His ability to question my line of reasoning in a kind and empathetic manner has led to countless breakthroughs in my businesses and skyrocketed my personal growth to new levels.”Steve Melin, Author of Family-First Composer


You are:Looking for new & novel quick-hacks to make money overnight, please move on. I focus on fundamentals and hard work.Interested in getting leads, more client work and building your agency. I teach you how to be your own client.Not passionate about the craft of writing, not for you. Practically everything here is built on writing.Building a brand in an industry deemed unethical such as drugs, sex, or magic pyramid schemes, off you go.Even slightly hesitant about the price tag, do not buy! The value of this investment should be a no-brainer (and will never be this price again).Have bought courses like this before and asked for a refund. You are responsible for putting this content to work and refund trolls are lazy.Otherwise, click the button below =)

course outline.

0 → Welcome to Write Publish Chill!1 → The Six-Figure Blueprint2 → How to unlock your niche (almost) instantly3 → The Dead-Simple Content Ecosystem (To never miss an idea!)4 → The Magnetic Profile Playbook (People can hardly resist hitting the follow button!)5 → Copywriting Hooks Guaranteed To Get Your Writing Read!6 → 10 Writing Tips To Will Skyrocket Your Writing (Practically) Overnight!7 → How To Go Viral Without Guessing!8 → The 2-Hour No BS Daily Writing Plan9 → How To Never Guess What To Write About10 → The 5 Fundamentals of Brand Positioning11 → The 6 Story-Telling Systems For Endless Engagement12 → The Email Manifesto of Millionaires13 → How to grow your email list as quickly as possible!14 → The Wonderful Welcome Sequence15 → The Three Core Irresistible Subject Lines16 → The Money-Making email format17 → How To Build a Product Stack That Pays You While You Sleep!18 → How To Launch Products that Never Flop!19 → How To Make Your A Digital Product You Can Slap A Chunky Price Tag On!20 → How to sell your digital products forever!21 → How to systemize yourself (so you can spend your time living!)


Nope! It is completely self-paced.
Accessibility. I want to make this available for as many creators as possible.
If you have any hesitancy about your investment whatsoever, do not buy this product!Since all assets are digital, you own it all after purchase no matter what.DOES THIS COURSE INCLUDE 1:1 COACHING?Nope.

Who am I?

Hey, I'm Alin Dragu.I’m a writer & entrepreneur.I’m the author of the #1 best-selling book, Meaningful Marketing. Writer of the Hit Publish Daily newsletter. And Senior Director of Operations at Missio Marketing.In the last 10 years, I've ran five multi-six and seven figure agencies.I've sold $1.5M in products via email for clients. (and $300,000+ of my own products)I've built and managed email lists from 500 to 45,000 people organically.I've managed and grown multiple social media accounts to 22K, 45K and 108K. (Organic & Paid).Most recently, I've grown my personal brand to 3,400 followers, 5.1M impressions, 1,000+ email list and $5,000+ in product sales (all in 5 months).I've distilled a decade of entrepreneurship into this course.